Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday, September 5th

The Swag Swap was last week and it was modestly successful. I had a few crates of records, some old band shirts, buttons, posters, stickers, etc, but we had other vendors with art, jewelry, homemade crafts, clothes, and other cool stuff for sale.

At this point, The Return of The Swag Swap is slated for Saturday, November 7th, and we're hoping to have more vendors, more visitors, and more donations. Where the first Swap was a benefit for The Foodbank of Southeastern VA, we are discussing the beneficiary of the second event.

In less important news, I went to Busch Gardens last week and they're closing The Big Bad Wolf on Labor Day. Crazy.

I Scored Death's "Scream Bloody Gore" and Napalm Death's "Noise for Music's Sake" for about $13 last night. Pretty amped on that. At the Swap I picked up some cool stuff too:

Cipher - Burnt Halos 6" (Red/Black) Double Down
Crooked Ways - How to Break Hearts EP 7" (Purple) Self-Released
Shiner - Semper Fi 7" (Black) DeSoto
Swing Kids - s/t (Black) Three One G
Cut the Shit - Marked for Life 10" (1st Press; /70 Purple w/ Blank Red Labels) Gloom
Annihilation Time - s/t LP (Black) Deadalive
Bob Willis - The Bob Willis Anthology 2xLP (Black) CBS

Been listening to Swans and Hatred Surge a lot lately. Also, saw Inglourious Basterds last night. Good stuff.

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