Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breathing Fire + Soul Swallower 7"s

Breathing Fire and Soul Swallower are just two of a shit-ton of bands to hop on the power-violence revival trend of the past few years. Taking cues from the power-violence pioneers (Neanderthal, MITB, Infest, Crossed Out, and No Comment, etc.) they also incorporate elements of more straightforward hardcore and sometimes even death metal. Both bands have fairly different approaches, but have a similar appeal.

Breathing Fire - Demo 2005/Breathing Fire 7" (Painkiller) dl

Former members of X Files X, and buddies with the dudes from Mind Eraser, Think I Care, Scapegoat, etc, Breathing Fire are in what a lot of people would consider the elite circle of hardcore bands pursuing the power-violence sound. This demo was recorded in either 2005 or 2006, and was re-released as a 7" EP by Painkiller. (Since initially posted, the band have released their debut full length Year of Lead on the label as well.)

Soul Swallower - Demo 2005 + Soul Swallower 7" (Collapse) dl

Soul Swallower was the band I know I was looking to hear after X Files X broke up. The Infest-styled riffage is still here, but so is a more Napalm Death/Carcass tone. This is way more brutal, and definitely more metal than X Files X ever was. I'm almost reminded of a more straightforward Backstabbers Inc when I listen to this 7". The demo features early versions of two songs and a Youth of Today cover.

If you're into either of these records, you can purchase them from RevHQ (or could, until recently...) recently released their LP on Painkiller, and Soul Swallower appear to be on something of a hiatus. Members are currently playing in The Rival Mob.

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