Friday, January 30, 2009

So I Finally Finished...

Top 25...
- Backstabbers Inc. [and Trap Them]
- Black Flag
- Boris
- Botch
- David Bowie
- Jeff Buckley
- City of Caterpillar [pg. 99, Malady, Mannequin, etc.]
- The Clash
- Converge [Old Man Gloom, Jesuit, etc.]
- Cursed [The Swarm, Left for Dead, Haymaker, etc.]
- Deadguy [Rorschach, Kiss It Goodbye]
- Entombed
- Fucked Up
- His Hero Is Gone
- Modern Life Is War
- Neurosis
- Nirvana (#1, Forever)
- Pig Destroyer
- Project 208 [Revenge Therapy, Psycho 78, etc.]
- Reversal of Man [and Combwat Wounded Veteran]
- Sonic Youth
- The Suicide File [and The Hope Conspiracy]
- [Iggy &] The Stooges
- Tombs [Anodyne, Versoma, etc.]
- Unbroken [and Swing Kids]

Runners up...
+ At the Gates
+ Bad Brains [Through I Against I]
+ Black Sabbath [Through Masters of Reality]
+ Karp
+ Kill Your Idols
+ Melvins
+ Minor Threat [Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Embrace]
+ T-Rex [Through The Slider]
+ A Tribe Called Quest [Through Beats, Rhymes, and Life]
+ Weezer [Pre-Green Album]

I agree with Justin. That was difficult.

To keep this post from becoming completely narcissistic (and sucking), here's a compilation with some of my favorite songs by most of these artists. I'm more of an Album-dude than a Band-dude, I think. Does that make any sense? I'm sure it'll end up another ego-feeding post either way (isn't that what blogging is for?)


Self-Indulgence [Importance?] wins again!

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