Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SuperBowl/Groundhog's Day Playlist

This is what I do at work. I take calls, and listen to shit on shuffle. About half the time I write down the shit I listen to and then email it back to myself at home and do nothing with it.


... IDEA!!!

Fucked Up, The Chemistry of Common Life
Black Mountain, In the Future
Cursed, Hell Comes Home 7"
Elvis Costello, Armed Forces
Backstabbers Inc, Kamikaze Missions
Pellinore, Hellmouth 7”
Zeni Geva, Desire for Agony
pg. 99, Singles
Insect Warfare, Gulf Coast Infestation Demo
A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory
Endless Blockade, Come Friendly Bombs 7"
pg. 99, Document #12
Deathspell Omega, Desicples of the Ultimate Void EP
Atomic City, Demo 2007
Quicksand, Slip
Jesu, Lifeline EP
Carcass, Symphonies of Sickness
Archers of Load, Icky Mettle
High on Fire, Blessed Black Wings
Dropdead/Unholy Grave, Split 7”
Buried at Sea, She Lived for Others, But Died for Us
Frostbite, Frostbite 7”
Coffins, Buried Death
Drowningman, … Still Loves You EP
mewithoutyou, [A--->B] = Life
Integrity, To Die For
Breathing Fire, Years of Lead
No Warning, Ill Blood
Weakling, Dead As Dreams
Chuck Klosterman, IV: A Decade of Strange People and Dangerous Ideas
Bad Brains, Rock for Light
Helmet, Strap It On
Black Flag, Damaged
Boris, Heavy Rocks
Refused, The Shape of Punk to Come
Fight Amputation, Ugly Kids Doing Ugly Things
Jesuit, Jesuit EP
Kittens, Bazooka and the Hustler
Kill Your Idols, Something Started Here
Earth, Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars
Leviathan, Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Bane, Holding This Moment
American Nightmare, Background Music
Human Remains, Using Sickness As a Hero
Converge, Jane Doe
Walls, Walls
Hellnation, Your Chaos Days Are Numbered
Frightener, Guillotine
Nirvana, With the Lights Out

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