Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Week of March 08, 2009

Sunday, March 8th:

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
Today is the Day, Willpower
Death Breath, Stinking Up the Night
The Degenerics, Generica
We Reach: The Music of The Melvins (Various Artists)
Iron Lung, Cold Storage
Iron Lung, Life. Iron Lung. Death
Iron Lung/Lords of Light – Split 7”
Iron Lung/Shank – Split CD
Iron Lung/Agents of Abhorrence – Split 7”
Iron Lung, Sexless//No Sex
Iron Lung & Hatred Surge, Broken: A Collaboration
Hatred Surge, Isolated Human EP
Hatred Surge, Servant b/w Bestial 7”
Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare – Split 7”
Hatred Surge/The Endless Blockade – Split 12”
The Endless Blockade, Come Friendly Bombs 7”
The Endless Blockade, Turn Illness Into a Weapon
The Endless Blockade, Primitive
Heathens, Heathen 7”
Cut the Shit, Bored to Death 7”
Cut the Shit, Marked for Life 10”
Screeching Weasel, Boogada Boogadaboogada!
Frightener, Guillotine
Bone Awl, Not for Our Feet
Bucket Full of Teeth, I, II, & III
Bucket Full of Teeth, IV
Despise You, West Side Horizons
Eating Glass, Feed Them to the Vultures 7”
Look Back and Laugh, By the Pound
Look Back and Laugh, Look Back and Laugh
Look Back and Laugh, State of Illusion
Look Back and Laugh/Dropdead – Split 7”
Taint, The Ruins of Nova Roma
Terrorizer, World Downfall

Monday, March 9th:

Bones Brigade, Focused
Obituary, The End Complete
Converge, You Fail Me
Made Out of Babies, The Ruiner
Found Dead Hanging, Dulling Occam’s Razor
Modern Life Is War, Modern Life Is War 7”
Screeching Weasel, Boogada Boobadaboogada!
Coffins, Sacrifice to Evil Spirit
Moutheater, Lot Lizard 7”
Deathspell Omega, Kenose EP
GZA, Liquid Swords
Boris, Heavy Rocks
… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Source Tags and Codes
The Dedication, Youth Murder Anthems EP
Mentally Challenged, Year One CD-R
Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye
Generations Compilation (Various Artists; Revelation Records)
Emperor, In the Nightside Eclipse
Trap Them, Sleepwell Deconstructor
pg. 99, Document #04
Grails, Burning Off Impurities
Shotmaker, Complete Discography 1993-1996
Infest, Mankind 7”
Unbroken, It’s Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things
Shotmaker, Memory-Minus
Think I Care, Draw the Lines 7”
Nadja, Thaumogenesis
Socialcide, Unapproachable

Tuesday, March 10th:

Siege, Drop Dead
Mayday, Staplegun 10”
Melvins, Stoner Witch
Terrorizer, World Downfall
A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upwards
Strike Anywhere, Change Is a Sound
Human Remains, Using Sickness As a Hero (Demo)
Horror Show, Our Design
Kill Your Idols/The Nerve Agents – Split EP
Reversal of Man, Revolution Summer 10”
Carry On, A Life Less Plagued
Rorschach, Remain Sedate
Death Breath, Stinking Up the Night
We Reach: The Music of The Melvins (Various Artists)
Jesu, Conqueror
Soul Asylum, Misery EP
Today Is the Day, Sadness Will Prevail
Deathspell Omega, Inquisitors of Satan
Infest, Infest 7”
Neurosis, Word As Law
In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath (Various Artists)

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