Friday, May 15, 2009

The Week of May 10th, 2009

Sunday, May 10th: (Mothers' Day)
Danzig, "Mother"
Jesu, "Mother Earth"
The Devil and The Sea, "Mother Furnace"
The Beatles, "Mother Nature's Son"
Today Is the Day, "Mother's Ruin"
Ceremony, "Mothers and Fathers"
U2, "Mothers of the Dissappeared"
No Comment, "A Mother's Crime"
Backstabbers Imc, "Sometimes Mothers Look Like Lambs Being Led to The Slaighter"
Celebrity Murders, "My Grandbother, The Race War"

Helmet, Strap It On
No Comment, Downsided 7"
Beastie Boys, Ill Communication
Jawbreaker, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Scott Walker, The Drift
Reversal of Man, This Is Medicine
v/a, We Reach: The Music of the Melvins
The Endless Blockade, Come Friendly Bombs 7"
mewithoutyou, I Never Said That I Was Brave EP
Refused, The Shape of Punk to Come
Hatred Surge - Insect Warfare - Split 7"
EyeHateGod, Dopesick
A Storm of Light/Nadja - Split LP
Sunn O))) & Boris, Altar
Dead Kennedys, Plastic Surgery Disasters
Massive Attack, Mezzanine
The Cure, Concert
Panic, Circles
Cough, Sigillum Luciferi
Darsombra, "Nymphaea"
Saturation, Saturation

Monday, May 11th:
Alicia's surgery today. Spend most of the morning cleaning and getting the house ready for her release from the hospital.

Got some stuff in the mail this week:
- Pig Destroyer, Terrifyer 2xLP (1st Press; /600 Black, 180g)
- Rotten Sound, Cycles LP (1st Press; /500 White, 180g)
- Rotten Sound, Exit CD
- Rotten Sound, Murderworks CD
- Tombs, WInter Hours LP (1st Press; /100 Clear)

Pretty stoked on Rotten Sound and TOmbs right now. Also, been spinning Enemy of The Sun more than usual this month.

Boris with Michio Hurikari, Rainbow
Deadguy, Fixation on a Co-Worker
Neurosis, Enemy of The Sun
Neurosis, Times of Grace
Rotten Sound, Murderworks
Rotten Sound, Exit
Rotten Sound, Cycles
Texas Is the Reason, Do You Know Who You Are?
Tombs, Tombs EP
Tombs, Winter Hours

Saw the Such Hawks, Such Hounds documentary last night. Matt Pike blew my fucking mind in the first minute and a half. It was pretty good after that too. If you haven't heard of it, it's a documentary about "The American Hard Rock UNderground," or essentially the (so-called) stoner, psychadelic, and desert-rock scenes. It has interviews and live footage Pentagram, Kyuss, Melvins, Sleep, Om, Wino, Dead Meadow, Bardo Pond, Pearls and Brass, Earthless, and more. I highly recommended it (Har, har, har.)

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