Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Week of May 3rd, 2009

Sunday, May 3rd:
Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)
GZA, Liquid Swords
Kiss It Goodbye, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Surroundings, Monument in Ruins 7"
Fight Amp, Hungry for Nothing
Dropdead, Discography (1991-1993)
Neurosis, Enemy of the Sun
pg. 99, Document #13
Pixies, Surfer Rosa
Insect Warfare, World Extermination
Cursed, Two
Neurosis, Through Silver and Blood
Thelonious Monk, Blue Monk
Craft, Terror Propaganda
pg. 99, Document #02
Modern Life Is War, Modern Life Is War 7"
Jesu, Silver EP
Portishead, Roseland NYC Live
Galaxie 500, On Fire
Leatherface, Mush
Tombs, Winter Hours
Bad Business, Bad Business
Weezer, Weezer (Blue Album
Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath
Unbroken, life. love. regret.

Monday, May 4th:
The Hope Conspiracy, Death Knows Your Name
Black Flag, Slip It In
Sex Positions, Sex Positions
Nirvana, Unplugged in New York
Panic, Panic 7"
Coffins/The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God - Split
Quicksand, "Thorn in My Side" Single
David Bowie, The Platinum Collection
Paint It Black, Paradise
Rorschach, Needlepack
Bathory, Bathory
Modern Life Is War, Witness
Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye
Fight Amp, Hungry for Nothing
Black Flag, My War
Ceremony, Still Nothing Moves You
pg. 99, Document #06
Bone Awl, Not For Our Feet
The B-52's, Time Capsule
Fight Amp, Ugly Kids Doing Ugly Things 7"
Coffins, The Other Side of Blasphemy
Nirvana, With the Lights Out Box Set
Count Me Out, Few and Far Between EP
Suffocation, Effigy of the Forgotten
Morphine, Cure for Pain
Prideswallower, Lifeswallower EP
Buzzov*en, Sore

Tueasday, May 5th...
Boris, Pink
Caspar Brontzman Massaker, Home
Leatherface, BBC Sessions
Wolves In the Throne Room, Diadem of 12 Stars
Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream
Lurker of Chalice, Lurker of Chalice
Black Flag, Everything Went Black
Karp, Self-Titled LP
Kittens, Rhinoceros Love
The Clash, London Calling
Jeff Buckley, Grace
Carry On, A Life Less Plagued
Botch, We Are the Romans
Mannequin, Yr Aching Tooth (Unreleased)
Dropdead, Dropdead (1998)
Napalm Death, Utopia Banished
Method Man, Tical
Minsk, Burning EP
v/a, Fear of Smell Comp (I missed a copy of this for $.99 on eBay last month. Just forgot to bid on it. What the fuck, right?)
EyeHateGod, Dopesick
Human Remains, An Admiration Most Deep and Foul 7"

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