Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tear It Up - Nothing to Nothing (2002)

"Another fucking day. Twenty-four wasted hours, doing what I'm told, being what they want. It's all for Nothing - A Life for Nothing. I live for no one. I'm fighting a war against myself. I'm not living for anyone. I want it to stop. I wanna feel better. I wanna feel good again. I just feel Nothing, I feel dead inside, I wanna be dead outside. The guilt is constant. Another sleepless night. Just so worried about the future, screaming about the present, bullshit in my past. What do I have to show for it? (Nothing!) I'm fighting a war against myself. It's a fucking losing battle. It's all for me. It's not for anyone else. It all means Nothing. From Nothing, to Nothing. From Nothing, to Nothing. From Nothing, to Nothing...I CANT HELP IT!"

Negative hardcore from Jersey. Pretty fast, very tight. If you don't already know, the bandeatured dudes from (deep breath... ok, go!) Dead Nation, The Rites, Cut the Shit, Splitting Headache, Forward to Death, A New Enemy, Down In Flames, Guilt Trip, etc... definitely for fans fo Black Flag, Negative Approach, Jerry's Kids, Shark Attack, etc - but like I said, you probably know these guy's shit already if you've heard of any of their other bands.

Favorite Track: "Close My Eyes and Hope for the Worst"

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