Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Week of March 29th, 2009

Sunday, March 29th:
Suffocation, Effigy of the Forgotten
The B-52's, Time Capsule
Fugazi, In On the Kill Taker
Nina Simone, Anthology
Burning Witch, Crippled Lucifer
Coffins, Sacrifice to Evil Spirit
His Hero Is Gone, Eight Movements in the Dead of Night
The Dedication, Youth Murder Anthems
Kid Dynamite, Shorter, Faster, Louder
Lifetime, Jersey's Best Dancers
The Twilight Singers, Too Tough to Die EP
Pixies, Doolittle
The Cure, Head On the Door
Dave Brubeck, Time Out
The Endless Blockade, Primitive
R.E.M, Automatic for the People
Sleep, The Holy Mountain
Slayer, Haunting the Chapel EP
Converge, Petitioning the Empty Sky
Muse, Orgin of Symmetry
Grails, Burning Off Impurities
Anthrax, Among the Living
Entombed, Wolverine Blues
Backstabbers Inc, Bare As Bones

Monday, March 30th:
Cold Sweat, Blinded
Sex Vid, Nests 7”
Verse, Rebuild
Mayday, Staplegun 10”
Jesu, Sun Down/Sun Rise
Jesu, Jesu
In My Eyes, Anthony Sings the Hits: “Nothing to Hide” Demos
Hot Water Music, Fuel for that Hate Game
Swallowed Up, This Is, And God Damn Is It
Bad Brains, Attitude: The ROIR Sessions
Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
A Silver Mt. Zion, He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms
Spanish Bombs, Spanish Bombs EP
The Degenerics, No Comply 7”
U2, Zooropa
Pixies, Surfer Rosa
Reversal of Man, This Is Medicine
Guyana Punchline, Direkt Aktion
Neurosis, Enemy of the Sun
Trap Them, Seizures in a Barren Paradise
Xasthur, Subliminal Genocide
Think I Care, Think I Care 7"
Coffins, Sacrifice to Evil Spirit
Melvins, The Maggot
Joy Division, Substance
Early Man, “Closing In (The Medley)”
Soul Asylum, Misery EP
The Difference – Demo 2004
The End of the Universe – (Instrumental) Demo 2004
Fight Amputation – Demo 2004
NIWFH – Demo 2004
Ocean – Demo 2004
Octogenarian – Demo 2004
Of Lillies and Remains – Demo 2004
Resonance – Demo 2004
Shook Ones – Demo 2004
Tarpit – Demo 2004
Wake Up – Demo 2004

Tuesday, March 31st:
Anodyne, The Outer Dark
Human Remains – Demo 1992
Nirvana, Incesticide
Slint, Tweez
Iggy Pop, Lust for Life
Boris, Heavy Rocks
Neurosis, Through Silver and Blood
The Hope Conspiracy, Endnote
Coffins, Sacrifice to Evil Spirit
Black Sabbath, Paranoid
Slint, Spiderland
Isis, The Red Sea EP
Slayer, Show No Mercy
Neurosis, Times of Grace
Dinosaur Jr, Dinosaur
Ceremony, Still Nothing Moves You
… And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Source Tags & Codes
Trapped in a Scene Compilation (Hatred Surge, XBrainiaX, The Endless Blockade, Insect Warfare, In Disgust, Iron Lung, Warzone Womyn, etc.)
Isis, Buzzsaw EP
Scratch Acid, The Greatest Gift
pg. 99, Document #7
Horror Show, Our Design
Bown Awl, Not For Our Feet
David Bowie, The Platinum Collection
Coffins / The Arm & Sword of a Bastard God – Split CD
Megadeth, Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?
Iron Lung, Life. Iron Lung. Death.

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