Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Week of April 11, 2009‏

(Easter) Sunday, April 12th:
Helmet, Mean Time
Fucked Up, Year of the Pig EP
Slint, Spiderland
Pulp, Hits
The End of the Universe, You’re the Disease
Unsane, Occupational Hazard
Cough, Sigillum Luciferi
Backstabbers Inc, Kamikaze Missions
Carcass, Reek of Putrefaction
Dazzling Killmen, Dig Out the Switch
Cryptopsy, None So Vile
Lincoln, Watermark 7”
Made Out of Babies, Coward
Napalm Death, Utopia Banished
Torche, Meanderthal
Piebald, We Are the Only Friends That We Have
Breathing Fire – Demo 2003
Ceremony – Demo 2003
Map the Growth – Demo 2003
New Radio – Demo 2003
Soul Swallower – Demo 2003
Metallica, Kill ‘Em All
Unbroken, life. love. regret.
Bad Brains, Rock for Light (Original Mix)
Entombed, Wolverine Blues
Rotten Sound, Cycles

Monday, April 13th:
Guyana Punchline, Maximum Smashism
Infest, Infest 7”
Dinosaur Jr, Beyond
Dead Blue Sky, Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion
Count Me Out, 110
Entombed, Clandestine
Eating Glass, Feed Them to the Vultures
Glorior Belli, Manifesting the Raging Beast
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
Guiltmaker, Driven By Arms EP
Melvins, Houdini
Suffocation, Human Waste
Carcass, Necrotism: Discanting the Insalubrious
Groundwork, Today We Will Be Neither Invisible Nor Silent
Count Me Out, Permanent
Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Armed Forces
Mogwai, Government Commissions: BBC Sessions
Early Man, Closing In
Human Remains, An Admiration Most Deep and Foul 7”
Carcass, Reek of Putrefaction
Morbid Angel, Altars of Madness
Bathory, Bathory
The Descendents, Milo Goes to College
Labour, Ten Songs
Damien Rice, 9
The Swarm (aka Knee Deep in the Dead) / Force Fed Glass – Split 7”
Cave In, Until Your Heart Stops
Metallica, Kill “Em All
Metallica, Master of Puppets

Tuesday, April 14th:
Glazed Baby, Karmic Debt
Cowboys Became Folk Heroes, The Formative Years
Catherine Wheel, Chrome
Napalm Death, From Enslavement to Obliteration
Nirvana, Bleach
Cryptopsy, Blasphemy Made Flesh
A389/Chainsaw Safety Sampler 2009 (Various Artists)
We Reach: The Music of The Melvins (Various Artisis)
Fight Amputation/Exosus – Split EP
Smashing Pumpkins, The Aeorplane Flies High Box Set
Foo Fighters, The Colour and The Shape
Burzum, Filosifem
Pig Destroyer, Painter of Dead Girls
Wolves In the Throne Room, Two Hunters
Black Sabbath, Vol. 4
Dropdead – Dropdead (1998)
Kiss It Goodbye, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Deathspell Omega, Infernal Battles
Die Kreuzen, Die Kreuzen

Got a few records coming in the mail. Pretty excited to check out the Deth Warr demo cassette. Also, I (finally) got the new Pulling Teeth yesterday and it's easily my favorite release of theirs thusfar. Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions is the first release by the band that I prefer over the members' previous bands (The Spark, Never Enough, Ruiner, and even The Slumlords). But seriously, especially for just being five tracks, it's good.

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