Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Week of April 19th, 2009

Sunday, April 19th:
Suffocation, Human Waste
Coffins, Buried Death
Rage Against the Machine, Evil Empire
Death, Human
The Hope Conspiracy, Hang Your Cross EP
Craft, Fuck the Universe
Tear It Up, Taking You Down With Me
The Birthday Party, Junk Yard
Discordance Axis, The Inalienable Dreamless
Cursed, Hell Comes Home 7"
pg. 99, Document #07
Void, Condensed Flesh
Carcass, Heartwork
Human Remains, Using Sickness As a Hero Demos
Slayer, Hainting the Chapel EP
Panic, Dying For It 7"
Atomic City - Demo 2007
Mogwai, Mr. Beast
A Silver Mt. Zion, He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Room
Rotten Sound, Drain
Rorschach, Needlepack 7"
Moss, Sub Templum
Emperor, In the Nightside Eclispe
Liifetime, Jersey's Best Dancers
Jawbreaker, Dear You
The Replacements, Let It Be
Time Flies, Can't Change the Past
Heathen(s), Heathen 7”
Skip James, Heroes of the Blues
Catharsis, Passion

Monday, April 20th:
Botch, We Are the Romans
The Hope Conspiracy, File 03
Agoraphobic Nosebleed, PCP Tornado
Devour, Devour LP
The Degenerics, The Degenerics 7"
pg. 99, “Do You Need a Place to Stay?”/Document #10
Torche, Meanderthal
Annihilation Time, II
SunnO))) & Boris, Altar
Black Flag, 1982 Demos
Jawbreaker, Bivouac
Human Remains – Demo 1990
The Cars, The Cars
Agents of Abhorrence, Earth. Water. Sun.
Frightener, Guillotine
Muse, Origin of Symmetry
Sex Positions – Demo 2002
Sirens – Demo 2002
Black Flag, The First Four Years
Rotten Sound, Cycles
Citizen's Arrest, A Light in the Darkness
Trap Them, Sleepwell Deconstructor
Trap Them, Séance Prime
Trap Them/Extreme Noise Terror – Split 7”
Trap Them, Seizures in Barren Pardise
The Descendents, Milo Goes to College
Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Tombs, Winter Hours
Obituary, Slowly We Rot
The Replacements, Let It Be
Anodyne, Salo EP

Tuesday, April 21st:
Tear It Up, Tear It Down: The December 2000 Sessions
Trap Them, Séance Prime
Moss, The Tormented
Wu-Tang Clan, 36 Chambers
Iron Lung & Hatred Surge, Broken: A Collaboration
Reversal of Man, Revolution Summer 10”
Morphine, Cure for Pain
Rival Mobs, Bitter Rivals Demo 2008
Black Flag, The First Four Years
End of a Year, We Know Europeans Are a Sexual People 7”
Kill Your Idols, For Our Friends
Coalesce, Functioning on Impatience
The Replacements, Let It Be
Dropdead, Dropdead (1998)
Entombed, Clandestine
Weakling, Dead As Dreams
Boris, Heavy Rocks
Radiohead, Kid A
Kittens, Rhinoceros Love Split
The Endless Blockade, Turn Illness Into a Weapon
Dead Meadow, Feathers
Napalm Death, The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code.

Monday Night Napalm Death, Torche, Coliseum, Trap Them, and a few other bands played at The Peppermint Beach Club. I couldn't make it, but I drove up on my lunch to drop a book off for a dude in one of the bands. Wish I could have stayed, but such is life, right?

I still haven't gotten my Pulling Teeth LP in the mail. I'm pretty sure it's not coming at this point. Bummer. I did, however get something I ordered for my sister, some Insect Warfare 7"s, and the Deth Warr Demo cassette. Very happy with that. I'm hoping to nab that new Insect Warfare noise LP today as well. Very interested in what that sounds like.

Yesterday was my Birthday. I always feel weird about that. Being congratulated for not dying just yet doesn't seem terribly genuine to me. I think Birthdays function much in the same way I used to consider Christmas... When I knew that Christmas/"The Holidays" had no true religious or spiritual meaning for me, I wondered why I still felt compelled to celebrate with my friends and family. I realized that I enjoyed, (especially during a cold, and often depressing time of year) taking an opportunity to let my loved ones know that they are appreciated more than I can show on a daily basis. Why not, at the end of another year, take a few moments to show a friend how much they mean to me? Seems earnest enough, right? Well, I suppose I consider birthdays to be the same sort of gesture. "Hey, Andrew, Happy Birthday. You're a good friend," makes sense. Giving a friend a gift that lets them know makes sense. Giving a gift to me, however does not.

I was not a particularly good friend this past year, or person, for that matter. But I'm trying... "I'm trying reeeal hard to be the shepherd."

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